Transitioning Your Hair From Processed to Natural (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC chats with natural hair stylist, Brandii Holloway, about the process of transitioning hair from processed to natural.

The Break: We STAY Mad – Our Harsh Criticism of Ourselves (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC and the family discuss how the Black community can be its own worst enemy in our practice of openly criticizing each other.

15 Minute Break: Black Women On Black Hair

Is chemically treating our hair a sign of self-loathing?

15 Minute Break: Black Women On Black Hair Part II

Join KC and the ladies as they discuss why Black women must live by our own beauty standard, and our relationship with out hair . Podcast guests include Stacee Brewer, Tiffany Lanoix, Rayna Lott, Nikeita Crichlow, Joy May-Harris, Jamila Farwell, Toria Williams, and Sister T.

Last 10-Minute Break of 2010: Black Brainwashing

Listen in to the last podcast of 2010 as KC and the family discuss the issue of color and hair in the Black community. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Tash Moseley, Je Lewis, Malcolm Darrell, Toria Williams and Stacee Brewer.