Black History

The Break – Black Family History
February 21, 2014, Comments Off

KC and Chris are joined by KJ (@NLightNMyMind) to discuss black family history.

Culture Connection: Celebrating Black History with Black Theatre
February 14, 2013, Comments Off

On this Valentine's Day, listen in as Brother Malcolm shares several new black productions coming to the stage this spri ...

LA EVENTS: A Celebration of Black History: A Journey in Four Parts
January 29, 2013, Comments Off

Celebrate Black History and Valentine's Day with Ebony Repertory Theatre!

Culture Connection: Wren T. Brown
August 30, 2012, Comments Off

In this episode of Culture Connection, Brother Malcolm introduces his "Angeleno Cultural Jewels" segment, and its first ...

Radical Reconstruction: A Lost Era
June 19, 2012, 2 Comments

One cannot be an African American without being conscious of the fact that we have inherited a long and bitter history o ...

The Break: Who’s Really the Enemy? (PODCAST)
May 18, 2012, Comments Off

Listen in as KC and the family discuss Black American imagery through the lens of the Mary J. Blige Burger King commerci ...

LA EVENTS: Black History in Tennis
May 12, 2012, Comments Off

Support Message Media Ed and Honor Althea Gibson with a game of tennis!

Black Is: A Day In Our History
February 27, 2012, 1 Comment

A look back at our history and the contributions of Ida B. Wells.

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African American History Month Has Become A Problem….
February 21, 2012, Comments Off

How much of our history do our children know?

Defending Black Republicanism (Part 2 of 3)
February 9, 2012, Comments Off

What drives the Black community away from the Republican party?