The Break – Finding Happiness In Relationships

In this episode KC, Chris, Tash, Darius, Leisha, Shelby, Darralynn, Rahda and Malcolm wrap up their conversation around identity. They discuss challenging the roles in relationships, playing to your strengths, jumping in and out of happiness, the package of love, and not being afraid to be an individual.

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The Vision

One of my mentors once told me my greatest strength is my ability to see the vision. I didn’t know what he meant by that at the time but as I watch my life unfold in the way I see it in my mind’s eye, I’m clear.

I never once regretted my decision to quit my very cushy job as a producer for CBS to follow the paper-thin slice of a vision that was embedded deep within me. People called me crazy, dumb, whimsical and naive. I had opposition from family members and friends but I pressed forward believing that I knew I was being forced in a direction beyond logic. I had to follow my instincts at all cost.

Today, all of my sacrifices became worth it when I saw my work on the cover of VIBE magazine. Sure I’ve done TV shows and worked with some big names but there is NOTHING like being in print. Much like when I was a journalist I felt that same rush of adrenaline when I saw what I created. I cried immediately and I don’t cry. I was overwhelmed for more reasons that I can attempt to explain. I can only liken it to what it must be like to hear your song on the radio for the first time. I’m AMPED!

It’s 1:47 AM the eve before another shoot but I can’t sleep. I had to write to immortalize this feeling. I need proof that I felt like this. On the days that are not as sweet I will be able to remind myself to wait…on it.  I haven’t “made it” but I’m well on my way. When Beyonce calls then I will have ARRIVED lol. I can quit after that j/k.

This blog is my diary. I do it when I feel like it and talk about whatever, however I want. Thanks for being a part of my sporadic purging.

Dream-chasers have a special place in my heart because I am you. Start catching dreams not just chasing. I got mine in a headlock!

Be a Visionary.

Mikki Bey is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist who believes in the power of the universe to bring her all the desires of her heart. Fearless, determined and capable – she’s a bad mamajama! She can be reached at