The Jam – EP 16 w/ DJ Monalisa Murray

I am often known between my friends for having a pretty good knowledge on music and having a fairly large storage of random facts. But whenever I don’t know something, the first person I go to is Monalisa Murray. She is a walking encyclopedia of music knowledge, which makes her an even more skilled DJ. Some years ago when I first interviewed her I called her the “Patron Saint of Music”. She would be just about everywhere at every great music event, and everyone from the security guard to the headline act on stage would greet her with open arms and a smile. She has worked in various capacities in music and her genuine support for people and serious love for music is what allows others to trust her sense of taste and standards. If Monalisa digs it, you can bet others will too. I wouldn’t doubt that there are some higher-ups that look to her for direction whether she knows it or not.

In this episode Monalisa shares a wealth of stories from her lineage of native Los Angelenos, to dancing on Soul Train, doing music promo, and meeting some of the key figures that would influence music for years to come as she witnessed their growth. Whether it was Wu-Tang, J Dilla, Busta Rhymes, she has seen various levels of the game. She shares sage advice to those looking to break in, and we have a great time trying to stump each other with our jam picks!

Other topics include: “That’s my part!”, KFC vs Subway, Freestyle Fellowship, The Good Life, music video cameos, songs that should die, 90s girl fashion, and saving souls.

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Soul Train: The Hippest Trip in America!

Thank goodness for Centric, the latest experiment in television programming for colored people, and the foresight they had for reviving classic episodes of Soul Train. We don’t get the station in our home, but at my parents’ house (6 blocks away), it stays on. Something about those episodes, no matter what has transpired in my day, has the power to uplift my mood.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, remembering Soul Train on a Saturday morning, followed by G.L.O.W. ($10 to the first person who can tell me what that acronym stands for). I distinctly remember sitting in front of the television with a bowl of Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles completely hypnotized by Soul Train. I wanted to be every girl on there, and wanted to dance with every guy.  I would create my own Soul Train Scramble Board on the refrigerator with my magnetic alphabet. And of course, my bowl of cereal was finished, and I was out of my seat for that Soul Train Line.

On this Friday, I’d like to share a few classic dance clips from the show – no special performances or guests – but just a glimpse at the folks who got almost every Saturday of my childhood off to a good start. And as always we want to wish love, peace, and soul to Don Cornelius for being the ultimate black entrepreneur. Enjoy!

(This last one is oh so 80’s)