Thank You

I wanted to end this year with a great big thank you. 2011 was a phenomenal year for Black Is and I want to thank all of you that check in with us frequently and give your support. In the new year our goal is to bring you even more – and to continue to have the conversations that aid us in defining who we are for ourselves. Despite the negativity that we hear in the media about Black people, I continue to be energized and uplifted by the people who I get the opportunity to meet and work with. We have many movers and shakers in our midst and collectively we will see change happen.

Join us next year for another season of the Black Is Break podcast series, and check out the new vlogs that will also be coming your way. Our goal is to give you a full multimedia experience before it’a all said and done. Lastly, I want to encourage you all to JUMP IN the conversations we are having here. Don’t hesitate to leave comments because our writers will respond. Our goal is for these conversations to happen nationwide and worldwide so that the talking leads to action, which will lead to change.

We love y’all. See you next year!