The Brothers Lehman – Fatherhood Special

In this special episode Chris invites Aaron B (@Ashy3classy), Teddy D (@Teddy_D_), Spiritt Gee (@TheHooplaShow) and Baylor The Great (@BaylorTheGreat) on the show to discuss fatherhood and pass on some jewels to Jonathan. They discuss the joys of being a parent, the impact of their fathers, bonding with your child, dealing with frustration and more.

Music: Evil Needle & Sivey – Lovegate

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The Break – Baby I’m a Star (The Tashley Episode)

In this episode KC, Chris, Tash, Leisha, Shelby, Troy, Nicole and E. Green (from the Hip Hop Digest Show) discuss Riley Curry and socializing celebrity kids, discipline without spanking, and instilling value in your children.

Music: AbJo – Tudo Que

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The Break – To Hit Or Not To Hit

In this episode KC, Chris, Tash, Toria, Leisha, Carmen, Chris #2, KJ and Lady J discuss discipling our children, spankings and beatings, obedience vs. exploration and talking to other parents when they may need assistance.

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10 Minute Break: Black Men Speak!

Listen in to a special edition of the 10 Minute Break! Black Men Speak about parenting and discipline in response to the uncle who spanked his nephew and broadcasted it on YouTube and Facebook (see below). Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Tash Moseley, Ahshawn James (Mr. CEO), Yohance Serrant of,  Aaron Wilson, and Troy Moore.

Discipline or Abuse?

Last week, the following video went viral on the Internet:

The responses to this video that I came across ranged from, “That’s how I was disciplined” to “That’s child abuse – the uncle should be arrested”. This range got me to think about modern-day parenting.

My husband and I both were raised in households that disciplined by spanking. However, neither of us had parents that ever disciplined us unnecessarily, or to the point of abuse. When we had our son we agreed he would be disciplined the same way – no second thought about it. It worked for our parents and kept up both in line, so why wouldn’t it work for our son?

However, I think about all of the students I’ve encountered in my years as an educator, and specifically the ones who stick out in my mind as having discipline problems. Every child isn’t fortunate enough to have two parents at home and for some, their parents are more like friends. A lot of parents would rather not hit their children and use the “time out” method for discipline. Many have had success going this route, but every child doesn’t respond to that method. More than once I’ve seen a student speak to their parent as if they were equals, talking back and even cursing. Furthermore, more children are quick to pick up the phone and call Children’s Services on their parents if spanked. It never occurred to me that I could have these reactions with my parents, as they instilled a healthy dose of fear in me through discipline at an early age. By the time I was double digits, spankings were no longer necessary.

Have parents gone soft on today’s children? What is the fine line between discipline and abuse?