Complex put together a team of sneaker experts to count down the top 10 sneakers of 2010, including DJ Clark Kent(ATF), Mayor(ATF), Ronnie Fieg(David Z), Jesse Villanueva(Alife), and Matt Halfhill(Nice Kicks); along side Joe LaPuma & Bradley Carbone from Complex. Each person submitted his personal list, and then they got together to lock down a final 10.

The good folks over at inside the sneaker box compiled the videos for #10-5


Go to for #4 down to #1 as they pop up daily.



End 2010 in Style & Start 2011 Fashionably

Not sure how to dress for this fluctuating weather? Trying to prepare for that New Year’s party? Looking forward to Spring? Here are a few tips to end the year fashionably, and start off 2011 in style from Odessa Bowden, owner of Nobody Jones Boutique:

  • Go to your Holiday parties appropriate and relish in the idea of being able to get dressed up! Pull out that dress that you bought even though you never go anywhere, and dress up for the occasion!
  • Break out your jackets and button ups as we enter California cold. These can be layered, mixed and matched with patterns and solids, and look great with pumps and boots.
  • The muted slightly pastel colors that were a new take on grunge can be carried into the Spring, so keep them handy!
  • For Spring, look forward to a very feminine look. Expect to see 1950’s style fuller skirts, and  more floral prints in everything from sweaters to dresses and jumpers.

Webwatch 2011

As the Internet grounds itself as the media outlet of choice, the hunt for websites of substance increases daily. In these current economic times, retail on the web is working feverishly to compete with local retailers and with a myriad of gossip and “news” blogs in existence, it is a challenge to know where to go for truth and information that sparks a variety of interests. Further, it’s easy to miss sites started by real people sharing a bit of their lives for pure entertainment purposes. That said, here are a few sites I plan to keep my eye on for 2011 – you should too.

The Art of Reuse: This group of young folks from Canada are revolutionizing the concept of thrift shopping for the modern-day fashion forward shopper. They open one-day “pop-up” boutiques called Interim and sell only the finest of local thrift shop offerings to buyers – still at the fraction of retail prices. What’s hip about this concept is they’ve done the hard work for you – no need to comb through racks of grimy clothes at the Goodwill, looking for a jewel. The group has a point process for picking only the best of what any thrift store has to offer and brings it to you in pristine condition.

ASOS: This UK based retailer is the purveyor of wonderful fashion, accessories, and beauty products at amazing prices. What I love about ASOS is their offerings come in a variety of sizes (check out ASOS Curve) and after at time, their clothing transitions into an “outlet” section where you find offerings discounted as much as 50%. Currently, they offer standard shipping to the U.S. for $7 – pretty comparable to most stateside retailers.

Diares of a Plus-Sized Vixen: If you are looking to be entertained, this woman’s blog might have the giggle you’re looking for. Authored by a young woman named Dwann, this blog tells her adventures and escapades of being a full-figured girl dating in these trying times. The blog is very revealing, personal, and just downright funny at times – one wonders how she escapes these situations unscathed. What I love about this blog is how open Dwann is, and also how very “new millennium” her dating experiences are. From texting, to social networking, she is mastering the art of post-2000 new dating rules. Check her out.

Folkstales: This blog is for adults only. If you’re into erotica, turn off Zane’s Sex Chronicles and let your imagination run wild here. Authored by a person known only as “The Storyteller”, the blog claims that each kinky tale is based off of a real-life experience shared with the author. Read one of these stories aloud to your boo one late night, and see if things don’t heat up.

Merc80: Merc is a Black Is friend, and his site has grown exponentially since we talked with him this past summer. His site remains to be the central location for interviews with underground musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, movers, shakers, and just all around cool people who are making things happen. What I love about this site most is Merc’s in depth, multi-media interviews. Often, he splits them into parts so that you really get to know about the person, and includes photos, video and audio footage. Keep and ear to the streets on this brother cause he’ll be moving up in 2011.

Plndr: Who can resist a deal when it comes to clothes? Plndr is almost too good to be true, as they offer you upscale urban fashions up to 80% off!  From designer tees, to sneakers, to accessories, this site offers a little bit of everything! The catch? Their sales only last for a short period of time, so shop before the clock runs out. The prices here are so low, you won’t even sweat making that impulse purchase.

SicklyCat: Unbookmark Huffington Post, and replace them with this. Sickly Cat happens to be the premier site for unadulterated infotainment. Check this site daily for only the most interesting findings in world news, strong opinion pieces, and an insanely funny podcast. What makes this site unique are the variety of contributors and therefore, opinions about everyday issues. It’s worth it to jump into the conversation and give feedback in the comment section – most likely, you’ll receive a reply from the author themselves.

Snique Away: This year I probably signed up with 20 different sites offering deals for this and that, including the dreaded bid sites that are too darn good to be true. This site, however, is a gem for those who love the travel. Snique Away offers luxury hotel accommodations at a fraction of the cost, but only for a limited time. Check them out weekly to see and where their offerings are and book within the timeframe listed to get up to %50 off your next vacation.

Tumblr: Peace out MySpace. Bye Bye Blogger. Tumblr is the place to be if you are looking to start blogging in 2011. What makes the set up of Tumblr so cool is that tons of writing isn’t required if that’s not your style. Feel free to upload pics, videos, and audio that speak to you. Get a piece of the Internet and customize it to fit you. To get a sample, check out our own Mr. CEO’s Tumblr. Guaranteed fun.

YFF: Young, Fat, and Fabulous. Yes she goes there, and she is Gabi, MTV’s newest Twitter jockey, but before that, she was the host of YFF, bringing good fashion to the full-figured. For the curvy girl looking to stay trendy, this site offers retail that will blow your mind. Check her out and prepare to shop!

Until I Get To You: This site is the antithesis to all “relationships suck” websites. Authored by Aireka Muse, this blog offers real stories of marriages/relationships between people that are successful, and also offers another perspective on being a single woman in today’s dating game. For anybody feeling low about their future prospects, check out this site as a pick me up.

Ustream: Where else will you find a DJ battle between HOJ manager Big Dho and Phonte of The Foreign Exchange? Bump prime time, and see which of your favorite artists have shows they stream directly into your computer. What’s cool about Ustream is you can participate in a chat session with other viewers and streamers themselves, making the experience truly interactive. Check it out in 2011 and see which of your favorites actually do have their own reality show.

LA EVENTS: Nobody Jones Fashion Show – TONIGHT!!!

LA Babies, style maven Odessa Bowden is bringing us a fashion forward extravaganza to show off the latest in her line and celebrate seven successful years of Nobody Jones BoutiqueFashionably Late: A Tale of a Wardrobe Worth Waiting For, will take place on tonight, Friday, November 12th from 7:30 – 10 pm at the Nobody Jones flagship boutique. The show is sure to dazzle you with the latest in fall/winter fashions and accessories just in time for the holidays! Details for this show are as follows:

Fashionably Late: A Tale of a Wardrobe Worth Waiting For

Friday, November 12, 2010

from 7:30 – 10 pm

Show starts promptly at 8:15 pm

Nobody Jones Boutique

4703 Crenshaw Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90043

Whip That Hair!!!

The issue of hair is one that is specific to the Black community and more importantly, to women in our community. Most recently, Sesame Street introduced a new character – a little Black girl singing about how much she loves her hair. The segment showcased the girl’s hair in a variety of styles from an afro, to braids, to a pressed/permed straight style. You can catch a glimpse of the video below:

Also, check out the Sesame Street/Willow Smith mash-up:

With all this love going out to Black hair, I think I’ll rock my fro extra large this weekend. Straight or kinky, sisters show it off!

A Man’s Guide to Pedicures

If your a guys guy like me, then this intro should sound familiar, but bear with me fellas, I attend to do good and keep things manly.

Just the word pedicure gets most us men thinking the wrong way as soon as we hear it. Many men believe that pedicures are strictly a female thing(or gay). Nothing could be further from the truth! A pedicure is simply the care of the feet to avoid complications and to make them look their best. Since we all have feet, pedicures are in no way restricted to only females. Getting a man’s pedicure or,  foot rehabilitation can be extremely beneficial.

This is most likely a major reason that a lot of us guys have problems with our feet, such as ingrown toenails and athletes foot. The majority of us don’t begin to start getting men pedicures until something goes wrong. This behavior is similar to our outlook on visiting the doctor – generally we don’t go until we have to be wheeled in there.

It is best though to prevent problems before they happen. Many problems with the feet reoccur once you get them the first time, which is why it’s so important to keep your feet problem free.

With a pedicure, there are certain things that most men will deem too feminine. All of the regular pedicure steps within the pedicure guide are, for the most part, neutral. The only real areas of concern with a pedicure for men will be the foot soak and polish application steps (please omit the polish steps). It will be necessary to add masculine aspects to these two areas. Refer to the pedicure guide paying attention to these two sections.

More Masculine Foot soak
If you are going to do an at home pedicure, to make foot soaks  more masculine, forego any kinds of petals and bubble bath.  You can add fragrances but make them more neutral or manly.

Some non-toxic aromas favored by males include:

Patchouli (great on athlete’s foot)
Vanilla (great for the skin and hair as well)
Cypress (great for sweaty, oily skin and feet)
Sandalwood (great for the skin and depression)
Ginger (great for aching muscles, poor circulation and arthritis)
Black pepper (great for aching muscles, poor circulation and arthritis)
Vetiver (great for aching muscles, arthritis and sores)

All of these can be purchased in the form of essential oils in flasks. Remember do not apply any oil directly to the skin unless sufficiently diluted. When used in your foot soaks you will only use a small portion so it will be sufficiently diluted. Unless of course you add like a gallon!

Make sure to use all the other ingredients like Epsom salt for that soothing effect. You can still add the milk for the extra exfoliation and deodorizing aspect.

There are so many benefits men can receive from getting regular pedicures. For instance, helping to stop foot odor by removing dead excess skin from the soles and the prevention of ingrown toenail, calluses and corns. Ladies, you can treat that special man in your life to a special men pedicure using these tips to help keep his feet happy, healthy and handsome.

LADIES, here are some steps for you to get your man into the foot salon:

Book him a pedicure at a spa or a salon that encourages male customers to come in and enjoy the benefits of proper nail care. Some spas and salons feature a “men’s night,” where only men are allowed to receive pedicures and manicures for a certain time period. Snacks and beverages may be offered, and some shops may even put a ball game on the television in order to make the atmosphere seem more masculine.

Choose a pedicure at a salon or spa that offers a bit of privacy during grooming procedures. You certainly don’t want to be stuck in a chair by the window by a pedicurist who wants to show the whole world that it’s okay for men to get manicures and pedicures, too.

Visit a pedicurist who may offer other services that promote good foot health care, such as massages, callus removal and treatment for ingrown toenails. Many salons also offer a soothing foot bath or soak before your nails are cut. An experienced manicurist or pedicurist may even offer you helpful advice on how to choose the proper footwear for your feet, or how to regularly exercise your ankles, toes and the arches of your feet.

Purchase a gift certificate from a spa or salon before you book a pedicure. Not only is this an excellent way of exposing the benefits of spa treatments to your male friends and relatives, but it may also alleviate some of the embarrassment for first-time clients who can merely say, “It was a gift.”

Tip accordingly when you book pedicures for men. Your salon or spa technician is spending quite a bit of time with your man’s potentially stinky feet in their face, and a gratuity of a few dollars will certainly be appreciated as well as remembered, especially if and when we come back for another visit.

Take it from me, a pedicure or “foot rehabilitation” is awesome!


Support Black Business: Mehalina Jewels

Mehalina Jewels, a handmade jewelry company owned and operated by Michelle Kopacz will have a showcase this Sunday, August 8th at the Wellington Square Farmer’s Market from 9 am until 1 pm. Michelle, who I have had the pleasure of knowing since college is a jewelry artisan, using only the finest in rare gems and other natural materials. Her claim to fame is my personal favorite: the leather feather earrings (shown on Michelle in the photo to the left). Support this artist in her endeavors and stop by her booth on Sunday – or click on the link above to order jewelry online!

Essence Mag Hires Its First White Fashion Director – UPDATE!

Essence magazine – the 40-year old publication dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Black women – has just hired it’s first White fashion director. This news, which first hit the public from a tweet posted by cultural critic Michaela angela Davis, is causing a strong reaction from staff members and loyal readers of the publication. Essence has yet to make the formal public annoucement. According to media site, Media Bistro, the new director is Ellianna Placas, formerly of O: The Oprah Magazine and US Weekly. It is speculated that since Time Warner now owns the publication, the powers that be might have had a hand in this hiring decision. Click here to read more about the public’s response to this news.

What do you think? Can a White fashion director continue the legacy that was started and directed by women of color for the last 40 years? Or has Essence made a drastic mistake?

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UPDATE: Essence Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt-Murray responds to the reaction of hiring a White fashion director.

Fashion Don’ts (This goes double for BLACK MEN)

Forgive me if I offend or hurt anyone’s feelings, but we need to address, and re-dress a few guys (ages 24 & up), who think what they are wearing is the status quo.

Here are a few, to not do:

Ed Hardy and other blaring labels (This include Phat Farm, Ecko, Roca Wear, and South Pole)

Ed Hardy is a fashion red flag for ladies to run in the opposite direction.  These clothing lines also make quiet clothes that still make bold statements.


Flip flops with jeans and a button-up. What’s wrong with this outfit? Well, perhaps a few things. But don’t wear flip-flops if you’re not poolside or on the beach. It just doesn’t work.


I don’t care if you are on a secluded beach in the Caribbean. There’s such a small percentage of the population who can pull them off, so don’t risk it. You’ll be uncomfortable, and so will we.

Hawaiian shirts

You’re not in Hawaii and Hawaii 5-0 is no longer a hit show! Whether worn for real or “ironically,” these tropical motifs make dudes stand out in a bad way.

Too much jewelry

You know how experts say women should always remove one accessory before leaving the house for fear of overdoing it? Guys should remove all but one. With the exception to Mr.T and Liberace, black men especially, stay clear of this fashion faux pas. It’s not fly, hip-hop or gangster!

Baggy/sagging pants

Way-too-big pants have been offensive since the ’90s, and recently New York senator Eric Adams funded a campaign with billboards saying, “raise your pants, raise your image.” Amen to that.

Extra skinny jeans/Low cut pants

Doctors say,  that tight clothes limit the mobility of hip joints. Furthermore, tight pants make a person develop a peculiar step, which negatively affects the spine.  Tight pants can also complicate the work of the immune system too. They increased temperature and can overheat testicles, which affects the sperm-forming process and reduces the quality of semen.

Pleated-front pants

These faded from popularity decades ago, so you don’t want to look like you’re stuck there. Flat-front trousers are much more flattering.

Socks with sandals

I shouldn’t even have to explain this one! If you want to hide your feet, just stay home!

Sports jerseys/uniform out of sports setting

Jerseys are cool at the stadium, or during a big playoff game with buddies, but team uniforms should not be everyday attire. That means NO MORE THROWBACKS!

I think I’ve made my point, just because we are men, doesn’t mean we can wear whatever we want.  Doesn’t matter how much money you make, how in shape you are, or how many women you think you attract, follow these don’ts and you will acquire more of the above!