The Break – We Need Allies

In this episode KC, Chris, Shelby, Arion, Merc80, Toria, Tash, Leisha and The Other Chris (plus Isley) continue the discussion stemming from the Charleston church shooting. We talk about having allies to help solve major issues, not having long term plans, supporting others while fighting your own battles, and President Obama’s eulogy at Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s funeral.

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One Reply to “The Break – We Need Allies”

  1. In your show having allies,one of the questions you guys posed was where do we start. All of these people,Marcus Garvey, Dr. King, Author Chancellor Williams, Dr. Amos Williams, Dr. Claude Anderson and many others have either left us or given us plans and blue prints for black power, but very few of our people have read their books. We already have the answers, but what we don`t have is the courage and the will to execute.

    If life is warfare then the first thing we need to have is knowledge of warfare in all its forms. Fighting political, social and economic battles are always preludes to physical warfare.

    community organization is a form of warfare and is the first step to all the other forms of warfare.
    It sounds like you guys have enough intelligent people who have found a common cause to come together and are successfully using that power to inform and influence others. I have just recently starting listening to podcast, and so far, I think you guys and Tariq radio,com are doing a great job using this platform to get our people thinking and talking like we did in the 60`s. keep up the good work and stay inspired.

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