The Break – The Issue of Color, Part 2

In this episode KC, Chris, Toria, Tash, Darius, The Other Chris and Jamie continue their discussion on issues of color, including identity issues at a young age, skin colors being “in season”, finding a dark skin pop star and color issues within families.

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One Reply to “The Break – The Issue of Color, Part 2”

  1. Great Show!

    Loved hearing you guys read my comment a couple shows back, too 🙂

    I actually prefer lighter men because they seem to have less issues with being color struck. I am brown skin mid tone and have gotten comments on how I “got dark” when I tan-these comments typically have a negative connotation and come from darker skinned men.

    Black men expect more of darker skinned women. Is she is dark, she’s got to have a body, the face, the job, basically everything, where as the lighter skinned woman may just need to have curly hair. This is similar to when black men date white women, your black girl’s got to have it ALL-degree, job, everything, while the white girl, if she has a bit of a booty, she’s good.

    On another note, and possible this could be another topic, there is too much emphasis put on body type in the black community. I think Kelly was always just as cute as Beyonce but they never gave her hair or good makeup. Beyonce was meant to stand out.

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