The Jam! – Ep 13 w/ Jesse Fairfax

Episode 13 of The Jam! and here we are again with the homie Jesse Fairfax of Go In Radio, fresh off his bachelor status and into husband territory. Jesse and Chris have good insight into what it’s like being the groom and the role of a husband in keeping a marriage in tact. From that conversation we go into a topic I wanted to discuss: Where did all the good R&B go? While many people say Hip Hop is dead, R&B might as well be a black hole. While of course there is some good R&B music out there, seemingly there is especially a lack of new R&B artists that will hold the torch for the current millennial generation. I hold that Miguel is about the last great R&B artist, especially great male R&B artist.
From there we go into ‘White Jams”, and the qualities necessary for white artists to crossover into being accepted by Black audiences. Lastly we have a quick discussion on current “guilty pleasures” in the mainstream music scene.
Other topics include: slow jams, differences in music with your wife, White people and ratchets, R&B thugs, funky white boys, Columbusing, artists with performance anxiety, J Dilla, Death Metal, and THOTS.
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