LA EVENTS: Leimert Park Looters and Two New Black Indy Films

As I write this post, I’m watching my local news and seeing my beloved neighborhood in the midst of chaos. It makes no sense, it won’t solve anything, and it’s indicative of why many people in the country perceive Black Americans the way they do. Those that attempted to do something positive with a peaceful protest in honor of Trayvon Martin in Leimert tonight had to be outdone by the masses that chose to act foolish and take advantage of a situation for their own selfish purposes. They are lost – on the streets against the police with everything to lose and not serving a single purpose. LA, I’m disappointed. I’m hoping we all get the opportunity to sleep peaceful tonight.

In other news, Ava Duvernay and AFFRM are still at work with their new film release, Big Words. Check out the trailer below:

It looks pretty good to me. Happy to see Dorian Missick aka DJ Tailwind Turner casted as the lead in this. I love him as a DJ and I’m hopeful that will translate onscreen. This film drops in Los Angeles on Friday, July 19th and will be playing at Downtown Independent. Click here to see showings in other cities.

Finally, Fruitvale Station is out and the reviews are favorable. With emotions already running high I expect this to be an effective tear jerker. Prepare for it by checking the trailer here:

Fruitvale Station is currently playing in select theaters.

Stay tuned in to Black Is as we prepare for our live broadcast on Friday!