The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

In this episode we discuss Kobe Bryant’s injury, Captain Jack waived by Spurs, Kevin Durant being fined, Knicks winning ways, Bulls playing streak breakers, Seattle upping their price for the Kings, Aaron Rodgers upcoming payday, Tono Romo’s ridiculous extension, RG3 vs Peyton, more Tebow hate, gay players in NFL, Dodgers/Padres brawl, A-Rod vs Bonds, and issues at Rutgers & Auburn.

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Muisc: TNGHT – Higher Ground; Talib Kewli & Madlib – What Can I Do; A Tribe Called Quest – Vibes and Stuff

3 Replies to “The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour”

  1. GOT DAMN!!!! that TNGHT is f**king SICK!!! anyways, I’m not even trippin (anymore) about Kobe’s injury, the season was terrible from the start and upper management made it worse, and coaching staff poured on the gasoline and the players could not keep it together. they got it together, but couldn’t keep it together. and btw, F**K Da’boaf a yall for being L.A. dudes not a fan of either L.A. team!! LOL (j/k… not!) BE.VERY.AFRAID. of the return of the MAMBA!…

  2. That Higher Ground is crazy!! Had to find it as soon as I heard it. It has been a crappy year for the Lakers. Luckily you made the playoffs and get to lose to the Spurs. Better hope the Mamba has some bite left when he comes back. As for not being a fan of either LA team, I still root for the Laker franchise (sometimes), but I’m a Duncan fan and not a fan of all the Hollywood b.s the Lakers bring. And if I was a fan of the Clippers now, I’d be jumping on the bandwagon like so many others. I am happy for the Clippers, and I hope we get a REAL rivalry from this.

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