Culture Connection: Year in Review

In this episode, Brother Malcolm remembers the many wonderful topics covered in the first season of Culture Connection! Please be sure to check him out in 2013 for enriching, engaging information, interviews, and much more!

Photos by Anna Mae Lam Photography

2 Replies to “Culture Connection: Year in Review”

  1. Brother Malcolm, thank you for your passion and your commitment to the arts and to the health of our culture. I’m consistently impacted by your sincerity, your caring nature, and the brilliance of your spirit. It’s been a blessing to listen to you and know you throughout 2012 as part of the Black Is family, and will be all the more so through 2013.

  2. John Wood,
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. We’re so excited that this nascent idea is on the precipice of something greater. Thank you for your contributions to Black Is online community. It only goes up from here!

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