PODCAST: Platonic Relationships Part III

Listen in as KC and the family discuss the challenges of maintaining platonic friendships after marriage. Guests include Chris Lehman, Toria Williams, Dino Black, John C. Byrd III of Sickly Cat Magazine, Obinna Obijiaku, Craig Stewart, John and Triawna Wood, and Ivy Lindsey. This episode also includes a special guest segment with The Player Hater. Enjoy!

One Reply to “PODCAST: Platonic Relationships Part III”

  1. Sister, after you get serious please cut your guy friends gradually loose.This I say for one reason only they must have time to adjust and you need time too as well. Ms be faithful to your man and honest to cause us men are like babies who want to know every guy you know and how,where when and why/Congradulations.

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