2011: At The Speed of LIFE

The AntiSocial Socialist WOW! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think back on 2011.  I know we use this cliché all the time but, this year sure went by fast. I really do mean it, for the first time I feel as though there weren’t enough days in the year. I was really thinking of writing a letter to my congress person and requesting at least 30, maybe even 60 more days this year. I’m kidding, but there were a few moments I wish lasted a little longer.

They say when you have kids, your life speeds up. Well, whomever “they” are, they sure do know what they are talking about. My son turned two this year. Nothing terrible about it, in fact, I welcomed it. It was his 1st (of many) coming out parties. “This is who I am and this how I want it to be!” was the attitude he exuded. And it was my responsibility as a parent, to let him know, “Well son, until you understand what you are, I don’t think you’re ready to decide who you are.”  He has so much character and such a positive spirit about him. He hardly ever has a dull moment or a negative attitude.  I look forward to sharing many of our adventures with you in 2012.

2011 taught me patience and strength, and as a Black man, those qualities aren’t easy to master and control respectively. At times we lack patience and choose to muscle our way into, and out of a situation. I started a new career, in the world of fire alarm protection and life safety. I have clients now, so people require me to always show a positive attitude and give them the best customer service. My quality of work now, more than ever, represents my character and I’m not in the business of looking bad.

I learned to swim, metaphorically speaking. The things that interest me most, I decided to dive in and see where the current would take me. I got more into music, from a production aspect, in part thanks to drummer Bennie Rogers, who I had the honor of interviewing. I became a better public speaker with the help of our Black Is Podcast. 2011 gave me a voice, through this site, and with my Tumblr page, enabled me to share my thoughts, as well as the local and global headlines that I felt our people needed to be aware of.  In 2012 I plan to go even deeper, bringing you a few new vlog series.

2011 was so amazing for me; I didn’t want it to end. But I know that a good day paves the way for a better tomorrow. So I say again, WOW! If 2011 was such a great blur, I can only imagine and even salivate at what 2012 has in store for me. I plan to share as much of it with you guys as I can capture. Let’s enjoy the ride together, WOW!




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