15 Minute Break: Twitter/Facebook/Texting Revealed

Listen in to a round table discussion as KC and the family discuss how social networking reveals character in ways face-to-face communication can’t. Podcast guests include DJ A-ski, Toria Williams, Mike Eagle, Malcolm Darrell, Tash Moseley, Brother T, Jamila Farwell, and Darius Gray.

One Reply to “15 Minute Break: Twitter/Facebook/Texting Revealed”

  1. I personally do not use social networking sites. My privacy is important to me. Nika is not my real name. I just feel like the information put on these sites can be used to do more harm than good. And i agree with the person who said, everybody does not need to know my estimated time of arrival, who what where I am at every moment. I had a friend who had his apartment complex on his face book page and he had recently moved there- he was having financial problems got behind on a car note and the repo man found out where he lived through facebook, since they were unable to contact him via mail from the previous address. I’m not promoting hiding from creditors, I’m just saying the world dont need to know everything about you.

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