Black is…Atheist?

Blackness and Christianity are at times, almost synonymous. There’s no discussing our sordid past without mentioning the role of the Black church as both the meeting place and support system of the community. And of course there’s no overlooking the fact that many of our leaders that helped get us to the promise land were men of the cloth. So it is a rare occurrence when one of our own claims to be a non-believer.

When a group of Black folks get together to discuss their non-belief it’s newsworthy. Most recently in Washington, DC, the largest gathering of Black Atheists came together to discussĀ “coming out” and beingĀ more vocal about their stance and their role in the Black community. On one of my favorite Black websites, The Root, a writer, and member of the atheist group, shares her experience of that DC event.

The article begs the question: Are Black people brainwashed by Christianity? Has it been more of a help or a hindrance to our community? Talk to us!

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One Reply to “Black is…Atheist?”

  1. WOW!! an atheist black woman(is she a Republican lesbian too? LOL) I have no problem with someone not believing in GOD or not having faith by spiritual definition. The fact of the matter is that there is more money, power, and respect in being a person who follows and practices a religion. Personally, I don’t do it for that, and most people will tell you the same. But that is a reality within our society, somebody always wants to be on top. I don’t use my faith as a crutch nor do force my views onto others. So I would hope these Black Atheists aren’t trying to forcefully pull people away from what they have come to believe. I can appreciate anyone who is not afraid to go out on a limb and say I am different, but WE are all together in this fight to be recognized and respected. Let those devout to a higher power have their church & eat it too!

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