How I became BAD!

May 16th 1983, I was 4 going on 5. I was at home watching an awards show with my mom. Now although I was already aware of Michael Jackson’s music, because my mom used to tell how I would hear some of his songs on the radio and sing them, it wasn’t until I saw his performance on that show when it truly hit me, this guy is awesome! Fast forward to 1987, when I got my 1st MJ tape (yes tape as in cassette), the album Bad. I knew every single song off that album, which probably why, biased speaking, that is my favorite of all his albums. Man in the Mirror, Dirty Diana, The Way You Make Me Feel, and who could forget Liberian Girl, come on now son!! That same year, I remember standing in a long line in December at Disneyland, to see Captain EO. It was like only 10 minutes long, but still definitely the most amazing experience ever at the time. After that, anything MJ did musically, I was all ears. The man just had a gift and a work ethic that is still unmatched by any other artist to this day. And even though I became a huge HIP HOP junkie and may not have purchased albums after BAD, I was still down with his sound. Actually, one of my all time favorite MJ songs, songs period, is Butterflies off his 2001 LP, Invincible. So as I stated, I’m still down with you MJ. I know you still moonwalkin’ in heaven, got all the angels passing out at your shows. I know I am BAD because of you. RIP


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