A Fight at the Beach

I recently turned 19 and in celebration I had a bonfire at Dockweiler beach. About 15 of my closest friends came to celebrate and of course I was joined by a portion of my large family. My little cousins (the oldest being 7 and the youngest 2), my older cousins, aunt, uncle, and even my grandmother attended. Needless to say we were enjoying ourselves in celebration of my 19 years alive and healthy.

My mom’s side of the family is from Belize and my dad’s side is from Mississippi. My family doesn’t play into the stereotypes that exist about black families:  we don’t drinks, gang bang, fight, or smoke. With this being said of course we were completely caught off guard when we heard yelling and screaming while we were playing in the sand. When I turned around I immediately covered my mouth in awe because the sight was heart breaking. There it was a young black male and a young Latino FIGHTING in the middle of the beach. I was stunned! As I watched it felt like my family was fighting each other.

As Blacks and Latinos we are both offered the short end of the stick in America and the last thing we need to do is fight each other. We should work together to be offered the same end of the stick that other people are offered. Black is working together for a common goal. Black is setting a positive remodel for kids to look up to. Black is NOT senseless fighting and unnecessary embarrassment.