History & Politics

The Break – The Issues of Color

The Black Is crew discuss issues of color, including how we identify ourselves, one plight versus another, being biracial, and more.

The Break – Bye Jesse

KC and the crew wrap up their Fergsuon conversation, discussing police violence happening to everyone, Don Lemon vs Talib Kweli, and Jesse Jackson’s time as leader coming to an end.

The Break – A Weaponized Police Force

KC and the crew discuss President Obama’s response to black issues, weaponizing police, and “black on black crime” being a separate issue.

The Break – Excessive Force

KC and the Black Is crew discuss the situation in Ferguson and the continuing trend of excessive force by law enforcement against blacks in this country.

The Break – The Black Struggles

The Black Is crew come to the table to discuss the black struggles, who can speak on them and more.

The Brown Girl Hour with KC & T!

It’s another episode of The Brown Girl Hour! Listen in as Toria and KC have their own Black history celebration while swapping their lists of influential Black women.

The Break: Nelson Mandela

KC and the family are joined by KJ and Lady J of the Welcome 2 The Village podcast as they reflect on the life of Nelson Mandela.

Culture Connection: Boardwalk Empire

Listen in as Brotha Malcolm chats with Chris and KC about HBO’s Emmy award-winning show, Boardwalk Empire!

The Break: What Determines the Influence of a Church (Part II)

Listen in as KC and the family continue their discussion on how size, money, worship practices and entertainment impact the influence a church has within its community.

The Break: “Playing the Game” for Success

What rules must Black people continue to follow in order to gain social acceptance?