Culture Connection

The Break: Art vs.Celebrity (PODCAST)

Listen in to a special 15-Minute Break Podcasters’ Roundtable episode!

Culture Connection: A Chat With Ken Billups

Listen in as Malcolm chats with Los Angeles community leader, Ken Billups!

Culture Connection: Bryan Terrell Clark

Listen in as Brother Malcolm chats with actor, singer and songwriter Bryan Terrell Clark about growing up in Baltimore, his career and what means to play the role of a musical icon in his Broadway debut.

Culture Connection: Olympus Has Fallen

Was the film, “Olympus Has Fallen” life imitating art or vice versa?

Culture Connection: A Heartfelt Thanks

Listen in as Brother Malcolm expresses his gratitude for your support of Culture Connection!

Culture Connection: Summer 2013 Preview!

Pull out your calendar as you get a preview of events coming to Los Angeles in summer 2013!

Culture Connection: Black Culture Abroad

Brother Malcolm is taking Culture Connection abroad!

Culture Connection: Holding On To Our Artistic History

Listen in as Brother Malcolm discusses the importance of holding on and passing down the history of Black artistry.

Culture Connection: dineLA Restaurant Week

Listen in as Malcolm discusses dineLa Restaurant Week!