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From time to time I find myself grazing the internet like a cow in search of a snack. Just a little something to distract me from the task at hand. Something that can provide a momentary taste of inspiration or awe! Today’s culture connection is dedicated to cool stuff I’ve found on the internet that represents artistry, innovation and wonderment! I hope you enjoy!

First up the Switcheroo Project where photographer Hana Pesut captures couples cross dressing. There is something fascinating and cool about this project. You, like me, will find yourself looking at every detail of each picture to see just how accurate each pair of photos resembles one another.

Next, Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again.

At her 2010 MoMa retrospective Marina performed ‘The Artist Is Present’ as part of the show, where she shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Ulay arrived without her knowing and this is what happened. All I can say is wow!

How about the Invisible man? You have to see it to believe it!
Of course I’m a sucker for any person who comes from nothing to make something of themselves  This Korean boy’s story is both inspiring and a constant reminder why the arts transforms lives daily and should be considered a global treasure. Enjoy!

I could not end this Culture Connection trip down the internet rabbit hole without paying homage to the playwright who changed how I see, experience and participate in theatre. Please sit back, relax and enjoy this Tony Award winning performance from the original Broadway production of  August Wilson’s Fences.

Have a great week and remember to “Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.”

-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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