Mobile: Use It or Lose It

By Erdolo Eromo


Over the last few years, mobile technology has advanced so quickly that developers and publications are scrambling to capitalize on the growing popularity of various mobile devices.

For publications, if you aren’t mobile friendly, your competitors will more than likely start cutting into your share of the market.

Two companies in the last week released statements that highlighted the strength and growth of the mobile industry.

At the 2012 Mobile Marketer Summit, Ed Deutscher, operating vice president of emerging platforms at HSN said the retailer’s mobile sales during the first half of 2012 were higher than for all of last year.

At the same conference, Iryna Newman, head of mobile marketing at Groupon said that mobile plays an integral role for the company with nearly 30 percent of its North American transactions being completed via mobile phone, up from 25 percent in December.

This is business that HSN and Groupon would have otherwise missed out on if they had not embraced mobile storefronts.

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