LA EVENTS: The Annual Halloween Backyard Boogie

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It’s that time of year folks: people are starting to spend that holiday money and the first reason is to don the best, craziest, sexiest, funniest costume ever to a fabulous Los Angeles Halloween party. Let’s face it – Halloween is the holiday that gives adults a chance to be kids again, and nothing underscores that more than grown-ups all dressed up for a masquerade. But in a city like Los Angeles, one can pay upwards of $50 for entrance to said party. Couple that with the cost of the costume, plus gas to get there and we’re talking $100-150 for Halloween? No thanks.

Which is why we are so grateful to have discovered the Annual Halloween Backyard Boogie. Started almost a decade ago, this function is the ultimate LA house party – when they say backyard, they literally mean somebody’s backyard (and a new one each year). This annual Los Angeles event gathers the city’s young professionals in a safe, fun and intoxicating night of costumes, music and libation. Go all out with your costume and you just might end up winning the BEST COSTUME or BEST GROUP COSTUME contests.

If you’ve been to this party in the past, I don’t even need to sell this to you. No lines, no pretentious bouncers, no stuck up promoters, and if you’re an LA kid this event turns into a high school/college/professional reunion. And the price? A mere $5 is the total cost of entry, plus a few round of “Love Shots” (see the party site for details) and at that price, the entire city will mob to this event. The BI family has attended this event several years in a row, and we can tell you it get PACKED so early arrival is suggested.
So start calling around now to book that sitter and make plans to spend this Saturday night in a safe haven of debauchery and get your backyard boogie on!
Details for the event are as follows:
The Annual Backyard Boogie
Saturday, October 27th at 9:30 pm
2023 W. 149th Street, Gardena, CA 90249
$5 plus Love Shots


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