LA EVENTS: The Essence

Saturday, September 29th

The Culture Catalyst, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of the traditional performing arts of West Africa and its diaspora, has been and is a great support system in the Los Angeles arts community. The Culture Catalyst facilitates workshops, events and performances, and on September 29th and 30th, 2012, will host an exciting debut, The Essence. Choreographed, written, and directed by Kara Mack, The Essence is a unique approach to the retelling of the multiple realities of Africa. For the first time on a Los Angeles stage, dancers and drummers from West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and the United States will unite for a single purpose. The Essence utilizes traditional African performance genres to convey the historical, cultural, and spiritual connections between the three distinct pieces, appropriately titled “Essence,” “Breakthrough,” and “Liberation.”


Kara Mack

Musical Director
Kahlil Cummings

Co-Producer/Assistant Choreographer
Dani Lunn

Dance Ensemble/Cast
Kara Mack
Dani Lunn
Marjorie Jean
Amber Suitt
Nagode Simpson
Jahanna Blunt
Claudio Henrique
Barron Lightner
Special Guests….

Drum Ensemble/Singers
Kahlil Cummings
Nikki Campbell
Andrew Kemble
Alberto Lopez
Jelani Blunt
Evan Greer
Dana Maman
Craig Ramos
Special Guests…

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