LA EVENTS: Conversations At CAAM – Tommy Hawkins, Former Los Angeles Lakers Star

Saturday, April 14th at 1 PM

Featured, In & Around LA, Sports Happy Hour

The CAAM History Council invites you to join us for Conversations at CAAM with our special guest Tommy Hawkins. Leading the discussion will be History Council member and honored Maya Angelou Community High School teacher Ruffin Patterson.

A Chicagoan and graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Tommy Hawkins was an original member and star player with the Los Angeles Lakers. Since then, he has been a pioneering radio and television broadcaster, DJ on KJAZZ, college lecturer, public relations executive, and Vice- President of Communications for the Los Angeles Dodgers for 18 years.

Hawkins now has written a colorful, coffee table book, “Life’s Reflections: Poetry for the People”. This is a collection of poetic narratives, each of which is accompanied by a painting or photograph that illustrates his words … including works by famed artists LeRoy Neiman and Ernie Barnes.

A winner of numerous awards and civic leader, Hawkins’ community involvement includes serving on the Boards of Directors of the Los Angeles Center Theater Group, Los Angeles Sports Council, Los Angeles Friends of Recreation, Children’s Burn Foundation, as well as Friends of Jazz at UCLA.

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  1. Gary Hamilton May 30, 2012 · 6:55 pm

    Hello Tommy!

    Dennis Hamilton is my brother, your roomate with the Lakers, many moons ago. He speaks of you often and has loved you forever! Denny is in Hospice Care in Chandler Arizona and dying of cancer.
    It would be great if you could visit Denny in his remaining days to give him spirit as you did as team mates!

    Thanks so much.

    Gary Hamilton
    714-337-3834 cell

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