A New Year, A New Me

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If you wondered if I fell off my new plan of action to a healthier me, I haven’t. But I have not been moving forward as rapidly as I wanted either. I started the year extremely focused on diet and not giving too much attention to exercise. I’ve been doing my usual routine, but hadn’t stepped my workout game up. I believed that an entire year of working out produced little to no results so the power had to be in the change of diet, right?

Well, not entirely. So now I’m putting both pieces of the puzzle together finally. I do understand that bad food choices make me feel sluggish and slow down my progress and I’m excited to see what happens when I turn things up a notch. I decided to join a gym, but that choice in and of itself was work.

I had relegated myself to free workouts in my neighborhood which are effective, but there is an extra something that comes with working out on powered machines. However, gym memberships nowadays are not for the economically-challenged and I had given up on the option. A ¬†friend of mine mentioned a new gym called Planet Fitness, and we decided to take a visit – and loved it! Planet Fitness (which is sponsored by The Biggest Loser franchise) is a gym for the regular folks – no body builders allowed – so all judgement is checked at the door. I was blown away by the large selection of cardio and strength-training equipment as well as the circuit training stations. But what really blew me away was the price: $1 to sign up and $20 per month afterward! Who can beat that? None of the other gym franchises out here…

With that, I will be checking in with y’all to share my gym adventures and keep you posted on my progress. Stay focused on your goals folks – summer is almost here!

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  1. Darrell Jul 13, 2012 · 8:10 pm

    Great show Karen! I was a member of the clean plate club!! You bring to light how so often we don’t take the time to work tohurgh and resolve those difficult things in our life. How much healthier we would all be if we would listen to ourselves and identify those feeling stuck areas so we could release them!

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