Remembering Whitney Houston

1963 - 2012

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My generation is deep in thought as we try to understand why we keep losing some of the greatest icons of our era. The sudden death of Whitney Houston has shook the music industry to its core, and fans across the world have questions and desire answers.

So much can be said about Whitney and in spite of the drama that surrounded the last third of her life, she will always be remembered for having a voice that changed the landscape of pop and R&B music. Whitney was a true singer with a church-trained voice that could bring one to tears. More that that, she was model beautiful at the height of her career. Many of us 80′s babies dreamed we would grow up and become Whitney Houston and marry Michael Jackson. Through our lens they were the living definition of superstardom.

In honor of Whitney, we have compiled our favorite selections from her vast discography and placed them here for your listening pleasure:

Rest in paradise, Whitney. You are already missed.

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