Poor So Hard

Yasiin Bey Spits Social Commentary On Niggas In Poorest

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Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def is an MC of the highest caliber, and has never shied away from speaking his mind regarding social issues – and using the very genre he’s mastered as the medium to spread his message. His last revision of Jay-Z’s “The Takeover” which he dubbed “The Rape Over” called out the rap industry and the direction it has been headed in, catering to the interests of corporations versus the people. Now Yasiin brings us, “Niggas in Poorest” and challenges us to not “get caught up in no throne” as he speaks about the state of our economy, our hunger for money and material goods, a lack of respect for human life, the effects of bad food on our health, and the influence all of this has on our youth.  Further, Yasiin, reminds us we can’t put our faith in men – God remains at the helm of this life and that’s all we can have faith in.

Listen and learn y’all.

2 Comments on "Poor So Hard"

  1. J. Farwell Feb 29, 2012 · 10:31 am

    I LOVE this song! Yasiin is one of the most insightful artists of our time and as much as I enjoyed the entire ‘Watch the Throne’ album, it’s blatant celebration of materialism and conspicuous consumption during a time when so many Americans are jobless and suffering demonstrates just how out of touch Jay-Z and Kanye are with the average (wo)man who is struggling to pay bills, afford insurance and make ends meet.

  2. kclehman Feb 29, 2012 · 1:00 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly and I hope for a shift of consciousness in the masses. We are often being sold a dream from our artists when once upon a time, the most influential artist specifically wrote songs that spoke of the experience of the people (i.e. Marvin Gaye’s Make Me Wanna Holler). I have no beef with Jay or Ye, they’ve earned their keep – but at least let the population that worships you know that you give a damn about their circumstances versus throwing how much money you have (and they don’t) in their faces.

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