A New Year, A New Me

Changing My Eating and Exercise Habits One Day At A Time

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and in the spirit of holding myself accountable, there is a reason why. I spent February trying to figure out my food boundaries – what I could get away with eating without gaining weight or breaking out. Turns out, there are none. The only way to conquer this it to stay consistent with it all, and although I dropped four pounds this month, it’s been a yo-yo with those four. I’ve got that lesson, and I’m done playing with the rules to a game I already know.

Further, eating anything outside of my new eating plan has an almost instant effect on me. I feel weighted down and sluggish, and my body cannot wait to purge itself of the junk. No more compromises with my health and I’m determined to end this month on a strong note.

To keep myself motivated I’ve been rewatching the documentaries that put me on this path and came across this amazing video of a 70-year old woman who has eaten a raw vegan diet for over 25 years. Folks at work side-eye my homemade green juice, but maybe after watching this, not so much! Here’s to our health!


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