Let Food Be Thy Medicine

A New Year, A New Me: Week 2

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I have reached day 8 in my 15 day cleanse. It’s been interesting over the last week feeling how my body is responding to this new way of eating, and the effects of detoxing. For the first three days I either had long midday naps or was in bed that evening by 7:30. My body rested for 12 hours periods – something I hadn’t experienced since pregnancy. Even if I had wanted to stay awake, my body ws telling me it was time to rest. I woke up each morning feeling a bit more energized than the next.

I know this week will present a greater challenge because I am back at work, but I am well prepared. I will take my juices and other raw fruits and vegetables to keep me sated during the day. I also have plenty to keep myself busy to avoid idle snacking. What’s interesting is that I usually am tempted by the food that exists near my workplace, primarily hamburger stands and liquor store treats. However, I watched three documentaries this week: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, Forks Over Knives, and Food Matters. All three showcased how eating a plant-based diet helps alleviate any risks for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, two diseases that run rampant in our community. Even more, both show how the creation of supermarkets and mass production of food have brought unhealthy fast food into our communities that is low in nutrients and full of preservatives, which is why I could buy a cheeseburger with all the trimmings for a mere $0.99.

I know in order for me to see true change in my body, I cannot stop this way of life at day 15 of the fast, but continue to eat food that is alive and able to heal me from the inside out. I am committing myself to chronicling this experience for the next 90 days and sharing that with all of you. Feel free to join me.

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