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Potty Training = HELL

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Last week I celebrated my son taking his first poop on our potty at  home on Facebook. I should have known better than to publicly announce this until I knew for sure it would be a regular practice. For the remainder of the week, he not only pooped in his pants, but went back to peeing in them too.

Why is this process such a challenge? Teaching him how to pee wasn’t so bad and it helped that his nursery school reinforced this practice as well. My son can use the restroom all by himself, including washing his hands afterward, but something about pooping is the scariest thing in the world to him. I’m nervous he will be in diapers for far too long, but I try not to impart that fear onto him or my hubby.

I’ve decided to make him a poopy chart to build incentive, especially with the holidays looming. For every successful poop in the potty, he gets a sticker for the chart and for every poop in the pants he will lose a sticker. Five stickers in a row and he earns a prize. Think it might work? Wish me luck!

*Update: Forget the poopy chart – the trick is Trader Joe’s Mini Ice Cream Cones! I have had a week of successful poops since these have come into our lives. The end of diapers is within reach!

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