Make a Run on Big Banks!

Why you should withdraw ALL of your money from BIG banks and move it to Credit Unions.


The time for talk is over! You asked what the plan of action for OWS was? Here it is!

What started out as just a Facebook event page by Kristen Christian of California, quickly went viral and garnered national media attention.

Now the Facebook event for Bank Transfer Day hosts more than 75,000 attendees and has inspired other events including College Bank Transfer Day and a “Move Your Money” day hosted by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York.

Progressive organizations such as the PCCC and MoveOn have begun their own campaigns, as well as the New Bottom Line launching their own “Move Our Money” campaign. Even groups small and large are hosting their own events, getting their friends, colleagues, relatives and more to join in on the movement.

Big banks gambled with mortgages, created the sub-prime bubble, crashed the world economy, bought politicians, got billions in bailouts plus 0% loans, corrupted the SEC and FED, paid almost NO taxes, forged foreclosure documents, incarcerated innocent minorities for profit, perjured themselves to Congress and paid billions to their executives in bonuses. And the GOP supported it all.

Since politicians (on both sides of the aisle) are beholden to Wall Street, it now becomes YOUR responsibility to do whatever you can to save your community from the hole that Wall Street has dug for all of us.

On or before November 5, Sickly Cat Online Magazine and Occupy Wall Street ask you to withdraw all of your money from big banks such as Wells Fargo, Chase & Bank of America and deposit them into Credit Unions and Community Banks that reinvest in their communities.

This doesn’t just send a message to Wall Street, it takes action against Wall Street!

To find a community bank near you, visit

*A special plea to Black banks in the community: We need you to STEP UP! This is a prime opportunity to gain business from the people within the community you serve! Please give us an alternative by offering all of the same services (and caliber of service) as the larger banks!

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