Fall Shades

A Tip From Our Fashion Editor, Falice Nyree

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As we tick tock into November, setting clocks back and thermostats up, we get more into the groove of fall with a feast of style options to serve our dapper fancies.

Due to the year-round moderate temperatures on the West Coast, Los Angeles especially, natives aren’t commonly seasoned to a functional fall wardrobe compared to their counterparts east of the Mississippi. For the latter, it is an exhibition of trench coats, double-breasted varieties, cashmere scarves, leather gloves, and a plethora of boot styles among other items that lend an instant, stylish embrace of the season.

Since the same investment on layering items is not typical for the Californian, a chic twist to paying homage to autumn’s rise would be by virtue of the color palettes associated with the foods we eat during this time of year. Incorporating warm yellows and oranges, deep greens, dulcet browns and crimson reds into one’s daily attire provides a great taste of the season’s aura.

For those who prefer sticking with black or more neutral palettes, try introducing color with accessories to spice up any basic ensemble.

However you choose to rock your epicurean shades,

indulge with your options, allowing the flavors and textures of the season to provide as your muse.



Falice Nyree is the founder of Femme and Proper, a brand geared to showcasing a fashionable and chic lifestyle for women. For more fashion and lifestyle tips, follow her on Twitter at @femmeandproper.

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