25 Rules Men Should Follow After Turning 25

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1. Acknowledge and appreciate that 25 is official Grown Man Status! Welcome to young adulthood. New mature age bracket! Embrace It!

2. No one will take you serious with just words. 25 is about following through and taking action. Stop telling people what your plans are and what you are about to do. Start showing people what you are capable of. Let them see you are a major player in the game and u going places.

3. This is the age where you began to be who you are. Three years out of college, a few dead end jobs under your belt, a few ex-girlfriends – and now you have to start being stable. Develop a certain seriousness about yourself.

4. Stop trying to impress the fellas by pretending to be “The Man” and just be a man. Its cool to brag about how many chicks you get when you were in college and young and dumb. Now that you are 25 you have to start looking at females as potential wives or a mother of your children. Treat one girl special and make the effort to please her.

5.If your “Niggas” are not adding value to your circle or investing in the plan they are LEECHES and holding you back. Your circle of homies should all be unique and bring something to the table besides a handout.

6. Instead of copping a pair of Jordans or buying weed, start upgrading your wardrobe. Purchase some neckties, v-neck sweaters, and own several pair of dress shoes.

7. Support the ideas and the work of your peers. Be ambassadors for them. Each One Teach One! Success is NOTHING without being able to share it with people you love. There is an abundance of opportunity for all of us.

8. Develop a stronger bond with your relatives. Getting older means someone close is getting closer to going to Glory. Sometimes we forget the ones that tolerated us when we weren’t so great. Be a better relative. You never know who looks up to you.

9. Be an expert in all current events. Read newspapers, go to the library, exercise your brain. The more you know the more you grow.

10. Start going to the gym. Beer and pizza after 2 am will catch up with you if you don’t work out. Make sure you are physically fit.

11. Start eating proper meals and slow down on the fast food and snacks. As a minority we have a tendency to eat bad foods and die from food related illnesses. Eat more fruit and drink plenty of water.

12. Look the part, you’re 25. Have a certain memorable thing about you. Make sure its something that sets you apart from everyone else. Be neat, and refreshing.

13. STOP Complaining and START Doing. At 25 it’s no one fault but your own for the way things are going in YOUR life. Man Up. Be the Change you think you deserve.

14. Know your status and have the papers. Get tested, use protection. Understand that your special thing isn’t for everybody. Be exclusive and selective. Your grown – now act like it. You’ll get farther than you think.

15. Develop a better relationship with God. Understand that he is the beginning and end to all you do. He comes first.  Never under value the power of GOD.

16. Find a church to go to and listen to the word. Get a great start for each week. Have something to believe in and see by FAITH!

17. Keep nothing less than $1000 in your checking account. At 25, emergency money is very necessary. You never know when you might be in a bind. Start learning how to live on a budget. Don’t spend foolishly and don’t go above your means. Set aside a certain amount and stick with it.

18. Invest in black businesses, communities, and people. This will create opportunities for everyone. Lend a hand when needed. Be a role model. Speak at elementary schools. Help out in the neighborhood. Become financially literate and fiscally responsible.

19. Volunteer your time. Network. Have business cards on you at all times. Always be prepared. If you love it you’ll do it for free. You never know who knows who. Do it with a smile.

20. Keep your house and car clean. Cut the grass around your place. Wash your car twice a month. Handle your responsibilities. Don’t get comfortable or lazy.

21.Think for yourself. Don’t let your friends or family control your final decision. It’s cool to take advise from people and get ideas, but don’t try to please everyone.

22. Live on purpose. Don’t be superficial or a jackass. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Understand your position and make the most of that. Aspire to inspire without looking for a handout. Make the opportunities come to you.

23.Be a man of your word. Develop trustworthy traits and good business habits. At 25 people should trust the fact that they can count on you. Honesty and loyalty is key at this stage in the game.

24. Get your passport game up. Travel the world. Take trips as often as possible. Visit other continents and learn different cultures and languages. Have a global understanding of life and the economy.

25. LIVE IT UP! Enjoy every minute of it. Don’t turn 30 and say I should have done this or I could have done that. The time is NOW. There is no right opportunity to wait. Waiting is a verb created by fear. At 25 you should be FEARLESS! Thoughts, ideas, goals, and ambitions happen for a reason. Stop waiting and start living. Be all that you want to be. 25 is where you go from talking to doing. Make it happen. Enjoy being 25!


Aubrey Grier resides in Atlanta, GA and is the voice behind The Authentic MANual. Aubrey comes to us with over 10 years of writing experience and worked previously for Clear Channel Radio. Check him out on Black Is for life tips and relationship advice for Black men.

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  1. Staci Nov 16, 2011 · 8:40 am

    Love it :)

  2. GenDes Nov 16, 2011 · 9:11 am

    I love this! Especially since it’s written by an incredibly wise, black man. *wink*

  3. Albury Nov 16, 2011 · 9:17 am

    Man oh man! Why wait? Lol. Do it now! Rules all men SHOULD grow up on. Great job bro!

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  6. Lali Nov 16, 2011 · 12:24 pm

    Well put.. We need more black men to think like you.

  7. Nitra Nov 16, 2011 · 2:53 pm

    Go Aubrey!! Love this!!!! #wildcatpride

  8. Tamara Fuller Nov 16, 2011 · 4:12 pm

    THIS WAS AWESOME!!! NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!! It’s nice to see our wildcats doing great things so proud of you :)

  9. Jimar Wilson Nov 16, 2011 · 4:49 pm

    Practical wisdom, succinctly stated. Well done.

  10. Sha Latoy Nov 16, 2011 · 6:52 pm

    So proud of you, great article. Keep em coming ..

  11. Monika Nov 16, 2011 · 7:01 pm

    great article…very proud of you :)

  12. Kazumi Apr 20, 2012 · 9:51 pm

    Breaking news, Lab mice have finally rmstuaoted scientists. Negotiations are being made to free 5 remaining employees from the facility. Mice are requesting that not only should that they no longer have to run through a maze for food, but also that Mickey Mouse no longer be their ambassador.

  13. Coach Adams Sep 11, 2012 · 12:50 am

    The youngmen has good intensions but since he’s only twenty -five talk is cheap. The Truth,son being that young yeah you still lie and cheat and date mutiple women .Also you will still not be responsible for paying bills,and overspending your money.Son, it sounds good but with age,knowledge still comes with experience.Yes, you are on the right track. Signed The Happily Married and Successful Husband/Business Owner.

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