There Is An Art To Properly Cleansing Your Face

A Skin Care Tip from BI Resident Skin Diva, Sherilyn Rhymes

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The majority of people are not getting their faces clean. They throw a little cleanser on, lightly move it around with their fingertips, then rinse it off.  And they are only doing this once a day. To ensure that your face is properly cleansed a pH balanced cleanser (milk or gel) for your skin type and/or skin condition should be used twice a day.  If you wear make-up, a double cleanse should be done at night. The first cleanse will remove oil & dirt, the second cleanse will remove make-up. A washcloth or facial sponge should be used to remove the cleanser to ensure that your face is really clean.  Think of it this way…would your floors get clean without using a mop? Remember to launder your washcloth or facial sponge in hot water at least twice a week to kill bacteria.

Sherilyn Rhymes, L.E. has been practicing her passion in the skin care and make-up industry for over 12 years.  She continues to learn and explore new areas of skin care and dermatological studies on an on-going basis through the world renowned International Dermal Institute in Carson, California. Sherilyn’s goal is to “save the world one skin cell at a time”. Leave a comment for her if you have questions – she will respond!


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