Slump Savers

Get Out Of That Rut In A Hurry!

I had a minor setback a few days ago. Instead of letting it get me down for longer than a day I gave myself a lesson on creating GREAT energy.

I got up and decided that I was going to make a plan and then work that plan at all cost. Before I could do that, I had to get my energy back to where it was before things didn’t go my way. Here is what I did to get out of my slump. 

  • Get motivated- Sometimes I need a little extra push so I got on and watched some dynamic motivational videos. Dr. Dennis Kimbro will get me up and ready to fight the good fight every time! After a healthy dose of  Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield and Les Brown I was back to feeling more than capable.
  • Start reading- I’ve always been a reader. Dr. Kimbro said something on the video that made me feel like a slacker. He said, “Readers are Leaders.” I realized I hadn’t read a book in awhile. Immediately, I went to my personal library and picked out a Stephen Covey bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’m a leader so I must read.
  • Eat healthy food- Along with getting my mind right, I thought it was a good time to get my body right as well. I made baked catfish and a huge pot of greens. Yummy and nutritious!
  • Plan, plan then plan some more-I wrote a plan for each area of my life that needs some fine tuning. I was as detailed as possible so that now I just have to follow my road map.
  • De-clutter- I got rid of anything I don’t need. I cleaned out my car, emptied out boxes full of papers. I felt so light and refreshed when I was finished.
  • Decide to be decisive- I had a huge decision on my hands. I decided to go with my first mind and leave it alone.
  • Find peace- Water is always a place I can go to find a little peace of mind. A friend and I took a drive down the coast of California just to gain perspective. It worked.
There will always be things that don’t go the way we plan them. The key is accepting it for whatever the hidden blessing is and keep it moving. Energy is everything. Keep positive energy around you and become that ray of light. It is a guarantee it will come right back to you!

Mikki Bey is a Los Angeles-based makeup artist who believes in the power of the universe to bring her all the desires of her heart. Fearless, determined and capable – she’s a bad mamajama! She can be reached at


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