Signs You’re Getting Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

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Only Talking Logistics: With careers and kids, couples can slip into a parallel existence. This leads busy parents to chat solely about carpool schedules or who’s in charge of packing lunches, leaving little room for real conversation.
Skipping Romance: Another consequence of a busy household and getting too stuck in your routine is forgetting the romance that brought you together as a couple in the first place. Plan a night to get away together or for kids to be away so you can have a romantic night.
Dressing Down: Sweatpants may be much cozier than those form-fitting jeans but if you’re perpetually donning clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing out in public, then you may be a little too comfortable in your relationship. Getting dolled up daily is a little unrealistic, so try swapping your flannel PJ’s for a more feminine alternative.
Not Making An Effort: Like clothing, your beauty routine can easily hit slump mode as time to primp gets harder to come by. But just taking five minutes to spruce yourself up shows your spouse that you still want to look good for him. On date nights, book the baby-sitter to come early so that you have time to get ready.
Lashing Out: It’s all too easy to go for the jugular when you’re angry with your partner–Knowing him as well as you do, his insecurities, vulnerabilities and shortcomings are at your disposal and in the face of conflict or hurt feelings it can be difficult not to use them as ammunition. However, respect is very important in a relationship, if that slips you must concentrate on getting it back.

Losing Outside Interests: Having other things going on in your life-hobbies, passions, projects will help you continue to grow as an individual and stay interesting to your partner.

Ignoring His Passions: Try straying from your comfort zone to show your spouse that you care about his interests. Do something together that he would love, like going to a soccer game or a restaurant you’re not keen on. Enjoy the fact that he’s delighted you’ve gone.

Getting Lazy With Affection: When young and in love, most couples can’t keep their hands off each other. But as the novelty of your spouse wears off your desire to smother him in kisses may wane too. Give him a big hug when he comes home in the evening or if you come home last go find him for a hug.

Not Wooing Each Other: Surprising your husband with a gift, it doesn’t need to be expensive just a token that you care like a book on a subject he is interested in. Buy it out of the blue and sit together when you pass it to him-don’t just hand it over the kitchen table, as you will downgrade the moment.

Forgetting Where You Came From: It is most important to remember who you both are and what made you fall in love in the first place, reminisce about fun times you had together.



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