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Gym Alternatives Within The Community

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In a weak economy, ¬†certain “luxuries” are sometimes cut out of our lives because they aren’t affordable. For me, that’s a current gym membership. However, Los Angeles is packed with locations that offer a full workout for free. A quick search of our recreational areas showcase a plethora of options to whip that body in shape:

Norman O. Houston Park: Not only does Norman Houston Park offer a walking path, basketball courts, and a kids’ play area, it is equipped with a total body outdoor gym. You can manage both cardio and strength training at this park and get a comprehensive workout for free.

Rueben Ingold Parkway: For a easy, low-impact workout this small, padded trail is perfect for a quick and easy workout. It’s typically crowded early morning and evenings, but if you have the luxury of working out midday you ¬†might get the park all to yourself.

Valley Ridge: Valley Ridge is a steep hill off of Stocker Boulevard between Crenshaw and LaBrea. A trek up and down Valley Ridge will work wonders on your tummy, hips and rear section. Hate squats? Try walking this hill a few times a week. If you need a break from the hill, check out the walking trail adjacent to it that runs from Presidio to LaBrea.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area: Kenneth Hahn is known for being a great picnic park with its many play areas, fishing lake, and lotus pond. It also offers an amazing obstacle course of a workout with several hiking trails. Pedestrians can access the park off of LaBrea and Stocker from the back, but the main entrance is located on LaCienega. There is a parking fee of $6 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Outlook: The newest and possibly most popular location for an intense free workout is this place. Hike through a nature path, walk the paved trail or take the uneven staircase up 511 feet to get one of the best views Los Angeles has to offer. Parking inside the park has a $6 price tag, but there is plenty of free street parking on Jefferson Boulevard.


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  1. Adams Apr 20, 2012 · 10:45 pm

    Great observations there, Dale! I know I often lose sight of saintyg disciplined in the area of working ON my business, and get lost working IN my business, thinking that in my busy-ness I’m really growing my enterprise! As a gym rat for 2.5 years, I have been surprised by what I, and my body are capable of with regular, consistent effort, and like you I think it’s a great metaphor for business life. You can’t just stay on the treadmill forever and expect to get in shape you have to continually push yourself further, lift heavier, beyond what you thought you were capable of even when you don’t want to. I have to pick up the phone, stick out my hand, make a new contact, deal with a no! , if I want to grow. It works if you work it!

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