Spider Soul!

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Comic book characters are always being created and re-created with not so much as a peep on the media radar. Well not today. This particular comic book news has stirred the pot and turned up the heat across the nation. Marvel Comics recently announced that the new face behind the Spider-Man mask will be a mixed, Black and Latino young man. STOP THE PRESS and scratch the proverbial record with the needle causing everyone to pause and whip their necks around.

Spider-Man has been Peter Parker, and Spider Man has been white since 1962. Italian artist Sara Pichelli, who was integral in designing the new Spider-Man’s look, says, “Maybe sooner or later a black or gay — or both — hero will be considered something absolutely normal. When the news was announced Tuesday, Marvel said following the death of Peter Parker in its Ultimate Fallout series, the mantle of Spider-Man would be passed to a young kid named Miles Morales. Naturally, the news incited chatter across the Internet. Most reaction, however, has been pinned to a singular detail: Morales is a half-black and half-Latino character, not white like Peter Parker. Cue the media onslaught, and subsequent commenter bigotry. For example, Glenn Beck managed to connect news of the new Spider-Man to a quote from Michelle Obama where she said, “We’re gonna have to change our traditions.” And some people appeared to be holding an impromptu Klan meeting in the comments section of major news paper outlets.  Most of the individuals started by saying, “I’m not racist but… *insert racist remarks here*”  On a funnier (yet still offensive) note, TV host John Stewart said, “My God!  It’s Lou Dobbs’ worst nightmare: A Latino that can climb walls!”

Personally, I just may buy this collection of comic books for my son. Or Marvel will come out with that Martin Luther King Jr. Super Hero series. (I’ll wait…)


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  1. Rommann Apr 19, 2012 · 4:48 am

    Speaking of ongoing, this lemsled suspiciously like a pitch for more Man-Thing stories. I can just imagine an issue #1 out in the 70s- “In this issue- WHAT does the Man-Thing FEAR?”So, will we be seeing Stuart Moore’s Man-Thing if this one-shot sells, Giant-Sized or Otherwise?

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