Afro-Latinos: The Forgotten Blacks

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. has released a new documentary series titled Black in Latin America.  This documentary series highlights the history of Blacks in Latin America (including Belize & Haiti).

Blacks in the states have become the face of the African diaspora due to America’s visibility and due to our high density in the entertainment industry, yet we are the minority.

Blacks in the United States have been known for supporting legislation that disproportionally targets Latinos and we fail to realize that the majority of Blacks in the Americas like Hugo Chavez, Sammy Sosa, Tito Trinidad and Zoe Saldana are Latino! 

Because of ignorance, idiots like Torii Hunter choose to divide the African diaspora as much as possible.

Watch the below promo for the documentary series.  It’s very enlightening.

Some of my independent research on this can be found here.

Watch the full episode. See more Black in Latin America.

You can watch the full episodes here or you can buy them on DVD to watch at home.

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