Summer Is Near – Step It Up!

Tips On Revving Up Your Workout When Spring Fever Hits

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I gained a new friend at the end of January – a workout buddy – and the alliance has been a blessing for both of us. Several weeks of early morning, hour-plus long walks, changes in our diet, and a partner to share the load has helped boosts is into high gear for our preparation for summer. And we’re not alone – we are surrounded by others, whether we are walking the hills of View Park or the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

But with a shift in weather conditions, our workouts have slowed down to halt. The rain made us want to sleep in later, but the rise in temperature reminded us that summer is drawing near and we need to be summer body ready. Here are some tricks we employed to stay in the groove towards our fitness goals:

Workout tapes: This is an old school solution, but there’s a reason why fitness tapes are a million-dollar industry. No need to dust off an old Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons tape. Check out videos by Jillian Michaels, or the new Insanity and P90X programs for something high-impact and effective.

Exercise TV: If you are a Time Warner subscriber, this station is gym (no pun intended) within your living room. Yoga, pilates, cardio, and dance are all as close as your remote control. Feel free to try a different workout every day.

Michael Jackson The Experience: It might sounds ludicrous to use a video game to get a good workout, but leave it to MJ to provide us with a legacy that’s not only fun, but makes you sweat. This game is especially fun when done with a partner so recruit your significant other or kids to dance with you.

Change your diet: The warmer weather makes it easier to give up those comforting fall favorites for lighter fare. Replace heavy sandwiches, stews, and soups for salads, wraps, and fresh fruit. Also, drink plenty of water instead of juice and lemonade to stay hydrated especially in the heat.

Don’t give up: Sometimes the scale doesn’t move as quickly as we want and working out seems pointless. However, being consistent has it rewards. Not only will it give you better cardiovascular health, it helps you build a life-long habit that will aid you in maintaining good health.

Stay focused. Summer is almost here!

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