LA EVENTS: Tonight! Friends With Benefits

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TONIGHT from 9pm – 2 am
Bar Pico, 2819 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles

Join us for another edition of Friends With Benefits!!

On the wheels- DJ X-MAN (The Milky Way/VJC)

Friends don’t let friends not have benefits!

You want in? to get the password for $5 entry!

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  2. Mode Apr 20, 2012 · 7:42 pm

    Hi Kathy,As I read your book, I was overwhelmed with meiormes. I actually had to put it aside every now and then just to catch my breath. I know you always had my back and you still do! I am so proud of you. Mom and Dad would be the first to say it was rough times, and they would also be the first to stand beside you with great pride in your accomplishment. We were so lucky to have each other in those days, I can’t for one minute imagine how hard it would have been if I didn’t have my sisters. I love you.Nora aka Ruth aka Fangs!

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