15 Minute Break: Black Women On Black Hair Part I

Why We Must Live By Our Own Beauty Standard

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It’s another edition of Black Women Speak! Join KC and the ladies as they discuss why Black women must live by our own beauty standard, and our relationship with out hair . Podcast guests include Stacee Brewer, Tiffany Lanoix, Rayna Lott, Nikeita Crichlow, Joy May-Harris, Jamila Farwell, Toria Williams, and Sister T.

This podcast was inspired by the legendary Jiggaboos vs. Wannabees battle in Spike Lee’s film,

School Daze.


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  1. Nika Jun 8, 2011 · 3:35 pm

    I like this song by Tea Leaf Dancers. I had to google the snip-it of lyrics, never heard this before. Thanx for the introduction, found some new music.

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