Silent For Too Long

Fundraiser for Indy Webisodes

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With an overabundance of so-so television programming these days, the BI family likes to support independent productions that aid variety to our viewing options. Introducing Silent For Too Long is a story of adversity, heartbreak and triumph. Anna Mason is a young woman pushed in to an abusive relationship by her husband Joe and her mother Martha. Anna endures heartache due to her lecherous husband. Much stress is put on Anna to be perfect and to maintain a life that is hollow on the inside. The stress becomes too much for her and she has a stroke. After this major event in her life Anna decides she is done with living a life that is not meaningful and fulfilling, so she decides to divorce Joe. Because Joe is used to being in control, he takes matters into his own hands, by kidnapping his children and moving them away from their disabled mother. Anna finds the strength from within to fight Joe and recovers her children, becoming strong even in her weakness.

This IndieGoGo campaign will fund the production of 6 webisodes for Silent For Too Long. Written by Dwann Cutler.  Produced by Phenomenal Woman Production(Dwann Cutler and Tiffanie Aiken) in association with We Connected Productions, LLC (Rhonda and Sharee Washington).

Check out the site with more information about this project, and make a contribution to its production today!

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