BLACK Is: This Week in Photos

We here at Black is online are always trying to find new ways to inform and entertain or readers. With that said, here’s our week in photos, where we bring to you what’s been going on in, around, and beyond our city. Enjoy!

South Sudanese mother casts her vote at a polling station during the historic referendum

Oprah Winfrey, Patricia

Oprah Winfrey Reveals her half sister(Patricia), that she never knew.

Monica and Shannon Brown get married in secret ceremony

Shannon Brown and Monica announce they secretly got married back on Nov. 22nd, 2010.

japan robots iphone ipad

Former Walt Disney Tokyo designer launches ‘LoveBots’ a build your own robot app.

Jack LaLane

Fitness Pioneer Jack Lalanne passed away Jan. 23, 2011, he was 96.

**CORRECTS SPELLING OF LACY** In this undated ...

Hydra Lacy , wanted by St. Petersburg Police for shooting two officers,  was found dead in his home

Space Shuttle Challenger crew members gather ...

Friday Jan 28th, will mark the 25th anniversary and remembrance of  Space Shuttle Challenger and its crew.

see you next week!

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