End 2010 in Style & Start 2011 Fashionably

Tips From Our Resident Style Maven, Odessa Bowden

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Not sure how to dress for this fluctuating weather? Trying to prepare for that New Year’s party? Looking forward to Spring? Here are a few tips to end the year fashionably, and start off 2011 in style from Odessa Bowden, owner of Nobody Jones Boutique:

  • Go to your Holiday parties appropriate and relish in the idea of being able to get dressed up! Pull out that dress that you bought even though you never go anywhere, and dress up for the occasion!
  • Break out your jackets and button ups as we enter California cold. These can be layered, mixed and matched with patterns and solids, and look great with pumps and boots.
  • The muted slightly pastel colors that were a new take on grunge can be carried into the Spring, so keep them handy!
  • For Spring, look forward to a very feminine look. Expect to see 1950′s style fuller skirts, and ┬ámore floral prints in everything from sweaters to dresses and jumpers.

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