Five Ways to Marinate Vegetables

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Marinades are a great way to make vegetables last longer, and, during the Holiday season, while feasting on meat, we mustn’t forget our veggies!

We often try to find ways to extend the shelf life of the vegetables in the refrigerator by keeping them in marinade. Vinegar, an ingredient in many marinades, acts as a preservative, as does olive oil. Although these marinades aren’t as acidic as standard pickling solutions, and certainly not as salty, they’re a great way to keep your vegetables in good condition. Sometimes you can cook the vegetable in the marinade first, and sometimes you can steam it separately. Either way, the vegetables make terrific, healthy snacks; you can add them to salads or serve them as side dishes, too. They’re great as hors d’oeuvres or antipasto.

Here are five delicious marinades for vegetables.

Marinated Cauliflower With Fennel and Coriander Seeds: A great way to keep this highly nutritious vegetable on hand and ready to eat.

Italian Marinated Mushrooms: Serve these mushrooms as an appetizer or add them to a salad.

Quick Sweet and Sour Cucumbers: These cucumbers, marinated in seasoned rice vinegar, are great on sandwiches and go well with fish.

Marinated Carrots With Fresh Mint: Serve these carrots as hors d’oeuvres, or sneak them into your child’s lunchbox.

Italian Marinated Vegetables A nice change from the same old stuffing or potato salad.

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