The Oscar Grant Verdict

Why Should We Ever Expect Justice When It's Us Against One-Time?

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Yesterday’s verdict in the case of the murder of Oscar Grant caused Twitter and every other social network to go crazy, as well as incited ┬áriots in the streets of Oakland. The cop on trial, Johannes Mehserle, was found guilty – not of murder, but involuntary manslaughter.

We all saw the tape of the shooting (I won’t make you relive that) and know that it was a straight up murder – but the verdict shouldn’t surprise any of us. When was the last time a cop actually suffered behind killing someone who was innocent? The law has always been and will continue to be on their side – and it’s terrible that so many innocent people die or are seriously wounded at the hands of those that are sworn to serve and protect.

What about 7-year old Aiyana Jones, shot while she was sleeping by Detroit police? Or Steve Washington, an autistic man shot in the head by two police in Koreatown? Where is justice for them?

What really irked me about yesterday’s verdict was what the news chose to broadcast directly after: The Grim Sleeper. The Grim Sleeper, aka Lonnie D. Franklin, Jr. is a black serial killer charged with 10 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder. His crimes spread out over a 12-year period in the Los Angeles area. He was finally arrested and charged on July 7th. This man’s crimes are heinous and I’m glad he was finally brought to justice. BUT, to show this directly after the Grant verdict is to play down this white cop’s crime of killing only one black man.

You think that was by accident? I think not.

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