Rest In Peace, Daisy Garcia


It’s been a little quiet on the Black Is front this week, and that is partially due to the fact that a few of us that work together experienced a personal tragedy. As you LA babies might have seen on the local news, on July 4th, a 14-year girl was shot by gang members while watching fireworks. That girl was our student, Daisy Garcia.

Daisy, (the young lady with the amazing smile to the right) just graduated from the 8th grade the last week of June. She was a bright, spirited young woman with a great future ahead of her, and she will be dearly missed. Our collective silence was not planned, but just a natural reaction to the shock of losing someone we love so young, and in such an awful way. The gang activity needs to cease, because the innocent always suffer.

Rest in peace, sweet angel, Daisy.

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  1. Delicia Jul 13, 2010 · 3:37 pm

    Wow! I had no idea that she was one of your students. When I first heard about her death, it deeply saddened me on the current state of our streets. Children aren’t free to be children and enjoy themselves. It frightens me that something as fun and wholesome as watching fireworks can be transformed into pure horror. I feel for and pray for her family. She was too young!! So very, very sad.

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